18 Airdrops! Sounds very attractive right?

Now let me guide you how to meet the requirements!

Head to Quickswap:

Purchase DB (0x0e59D50adD2d90f5111aca875baE0a72D95B4762), dUSD (0x83f8Ae478cC016A32052B64037EF3386340ceD49) or rdUSD (0x9F001a9c830c6eD1e656A35163d3B029FffA5505).

Add DB-dUSD liquidity:

Add DB-rdUSD liquidity:

Stake DB-dUSD LP tokens at Dark.Build APP page:

Stake DB-rdUSD LP tokens at Dark.Build APP page:

Now head to DBmaster’s contract:

Copy and paste your wallet address to the view functions:

27. getstakedDB

Thus the exclusive bridge is finally live!

Once you arrive the Dark.Build App page.

Welcome to Dark.Build, if you are reading this, you are just starting your journey to be a part of a paradigm shift in Decentralized Finance. Six months ago, Dark.Build forecast a necessary exodus to escape the bondage of the Ethereum mainnet’s gas crisis for the sake of traders and developers alike.

In the next couple of months, Dark will be launching and developing DeFi and NFT related products and services that are at the bleeding edge of crypto innovation. This is just the beginning of the Dark.Build Chronicles. …

Brothers of Dark, Sisters of Moon, the time is upon us. We find ourselves fast approaching the most critical juncture in the history of Dark.Build: DB DEX. It is this moment that will solidify our code and our name amongst the Titans of DeFi. In preparation of our quickly approaching UI launch, we are holding a Liquidity Bootstrapping Event to both expand our exposure to users and to hit the ground running with liquidity the moment we release.

The Dark.Build Decentralized Exchange (DB DEX) “Liquidity Bootstrapping Event” will take place in 3-phases over 30 days. This event is heavily incentivized…

One of the most misunderstood algorithmic stablecoins is the rebase token. The nature of a rebase token can be boiled down to its simplest elements: elastic supply and target price. All rebase tokens have a target price (called the “peg”), and at regular intervals the backend rebase function will adjust the supply elastically, shrinking or expanding,to move the coins’ price closer to the peg. If the target price is above the peg, then the supply will be increased and the price will be proportionately decreased (and vice-versa).

Market Cap = Price * Supply is the governing equation for rebase tokens…

We had the amazing opportunity to have an AMA with the Polygon team on 3/4/2021. Here is a quick recap of what was discussed!

(Host) Arun Philips:

Hello Ladarken, Avarter, Syed, Lyule and Chillyo, welcome to the Polygon community 🙂

It’s such a pleasure to have the crew from Dark Build here!

Question #1

(Host) Arun Philips:

Could you please tell us a little about yourself and Dark.Build?



Hi there, I am the lead Solidity programmer for Dark.Build.

Dark.Build is a decentralized project that exists to create bleeding edge Defi Apps.


Hi everyone! My name is Avarter, I’m one of…

The community asked and we listened @everyone : APY and APR are on display in all their glory for our liquidity providers and stakers. Now you can easily make better informed choices. Dark.Build won’t be the best kept secret on Matic for much longer.

Welcome to the new Dark.Build liquidity mining program, a “nitro booster” if you will.

In less than two weeks, we now boast nearly $2million in liquidity, allowing newcomers to enter with both size and minimal slippage. More to the point, you can have your pick of preferred DB liquidity pairs : starting with our in-house stablecoin…

“Spells…of the ancients…mine…Mine…”

dUSD.sol is modular and can contain as many algorithms as we want to keep dUSD at 1 dollar peg.

dUSD will have five phases on Polygon’s layer 2.

Users can convert their convert their Rebase dUSD, Basis dUSD, ESD dUSD or FRAX dUSD into dUSD with 1:1 ratio. This is a one way portal.

DB/dUSD pool (which rewards DB) will always have the highest APY out of all DB pools.

Rebase dUSD (rdUSD) Phase

Users will be able to convert DB to Rebase dUSD (rdUSD) with zero slippage via D.B Offers program. (More details coming soon)


Multi-tier staking

Dark Build opened doors to multi-tier staking, DB holders are now able to participate in Single-Asset-Staking (SaS) or liquidity pool LP token staking. This article provides a step by step walk-through to all the new exciting staking opportunities.

Click on the middle DARK symbol. Select STAKE tab to enter staking options available.


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