The community asked and we listened @everyone : APY and APR are on display in all their glory for our liquidity providers and stakers. Now you can easily make better informed choices. Dark.Build won’t be the best kept secret on Matic for much longer.

Welcome to the new Dark.Build liquidity mining program, a “nitro booster” if you will.

In less than two weeks, we now boast nearly $2million in liquidity, allowing newcomers to enter with both size and minimal slippage. More to the point, you can have your pick of preferred DB liquidity pairs : starting with our in-house stablecoin dUSD. You don’t have to worry about transaction fees anymore because the whole system is built on Matic. GG Apefrens.

These rewards are also a thank you to all of our early supporters: we wouldn’t be here without one of the best communities in crypto.

That said, these APY’s are a gift and a boost, get them while they last. Once DBDex, our long awaited exchange, is released in the coming few weeks, the remainder of the pool rewards will be transitioned over to our sustainable farming model. Transaction fees are used to buyback DB for the reward pools. DB will be eternally minted and burned giving a long term, sustainable, and intelligent growth incentives for liquidity. All pairs will remain intact, so you won’t even need to unwrap your LP’s. Many other pairs and incentivized pools will be added as our presence grows.

Our goal is extremely simple: we strive to be the de-facto decentralized exchange ecosystem on Matic. Our product suite is unrivaled, from limit orders and single sided asset liquidity to our “impermanent loss protection”. Additionally, flash loan attacks and botting will have a tough time on DBDex.

Our ecosystem will be enriched at every step and is purpose-built to be modular and easily adaptable to market conditions, continuing to uphold the original and lasting Dark.Build Ethos: aggressive DeFi through “liquid” ever-evolving innovation. Last but not least, after our exchange is released we will begin to finalize our own incentivized, creator-reward based, NFT marketplace on Matic.

This is a broad but small taste of what’s going to unfold in the Dark.Build Ecosystem through Q2. So sit back and enjoy the ride. You have now been initiated into our ranks, and nothing can stop the Dark Knights.