Dark Build 101: An Intro to Aggressive DeFi

Welcome to Dark.Build, if you are reading this, you are just starting your journey to be a part of a paradigm shift in Decentralized Finance. Six months ago, Dark.Build forecast a necessary exodus to escape the bondage of the Ethereum mainnet’s gas crisis for the sake of traders and developers alike.

In the next couple of months, Dark will be launching and developing DeFi and NFT related products and services that are at the bleeding edge of crypto innovation. This is just the beginning of the Dark.Build Chronicles. Below you will find a breakdown of the Flagship products, tokenomics, and exciting things brewing on the horizon.

Core products:

Dark Exchange (DB DEX)

-First Polygon Native Layer 2 Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

-Exchange features include: Limit Orders, Stop loss, Front Run Protection

-Ecosystem features include: Single Asset Liquidity Provisioning backed by DEX- native stablecoin(dUSD), Impermanent Loss Risk Mitigation, First Layer 2 Rebase Token (rdUSD)

What does this mean for you?

-You will be able to trade basically for free, with lightning fast transactions, often completing under one second

-With limit orders; you have the luxury to set buy and sell orders at a specific, predefined price. Gone are the days of staring at charts day and night to market buy in or out of a trade

-Single Asset Liquidity Provisioning will eliminate Impermanent loss for Liquidity Providers and increase your overall net profits as well as provide lower overhead for projects launching new tokens


Dark NFT Marketplace:

-First Polygon Native Layer 2 NFT Exchange

What does this mean for you?

-The ability to list your own NFTs minted on Polygon

-Take profits directly from the NFT Marketplace and trade in the Dark Exchange


Dark Build Ecosystem Tokens:

DB: This is the main ecosystem token. It will be used for pairing in Liquidity Pools, fee collection staking in SAS, and more importantly it will be the Governance token of the whole ecosystem. If you want to have a say in the most exciting ecosystem in the DeFi space, you’ll want to hold some DB.

dUSD: The Dark ecosystem’s stable coin, designed to be pegged to $1USD. dUSD will back every Dark Exchange token pair (1:1 in value). dUSD will have Single Asset Staking (SAS) and it’s own LP pairing options.

rdUSD: The Dark ecosystem’s elastic “fuel” for dUSD supply. rdUSD will be used to jumpstart liquidity for the ecosystem and will be the gateway to both stabilize and boost dUSD’s liquidity.


DB Tokenomics:

Targeted-Maximum Supply: 30,000 DB; DB will be subject to a built in smart burn to maintain a 30K supply, there will be 15.1K DB supply by the end of the Liquidity bootstrap event on~4/17/2021.

The other 14.9K will be minted over the course of the next ~2 years.


Future plans:

Lending Options, Smart Credit, Vaults, Binary Options Trading, Dark exchange implementation on other chains : DOT, ETH mainnet, BSC, SOL just to name a few on our shortlist.

Come and join the Dark ranks at https://dark.build/ and join the discussion in our discord at https://discord.gg/darkbuild