Dark NFT Marketplace on Matic

Dark NFT Marketplace will be one of the largest marketplace for NFTs on Matic. It has these features:

  • Almost Gasless & Very Fast NFT Trading Experience

Here is an example of a very large transaction on Matic:

Transection only cost 0.015515226 MATIC and finished within 1.1–1.2 seconds.

  • Mainstream Ready

We have forked and improved decentraland’s marketplace UI, the final version is quite user friendly.

  • Orders Are Paid in sDARK or darkUSD

Instead of using ETH or unstable coins as payment currency, here we allow users to spend stable coins to purchase NFTs.

  • Monthly Salary to Artists

Inspired from Liquidity Farming, we will reward artists who submit enough amount of quality NFTs monthly.

  • Very Low Fees on Each Trade

We only collect 1% of trading fees, and those collected fees will be used to market buy sDARK or darkUSD.