Guide for Knight and Smith NFT Holders

Thus the exclusive bridge is finally live!

Once you arrive the Dark.Build App page.

Click Converting.

Here is the Converting page.

Click dUSD -> DB button.

Here is the dUSD -> DB page.

Before you hit the convert button, make sure that you hold either Knight or Smith NFT in your wallet.

Fixed converting amount for Knights: 1000 dUSD a day.

Fixed converting amount for Smiths: 200 dUSD a day.

The DB/dUSD ratio on this bridge is determined by DB/USDC pool, and can be viewed directly from DB(DARKv2) : dUSD section on this app page.

This is the first job made for NFT holders! Welcome fellow Knights and Smiths! Working to help dUSD peg to 1 dollar and profit on the way!