Guide of Incoming Airdrops

18 Airdrops! Sounds very attractive right?

Now let me guide you how to meet the requirements!

Head to Quickswap:

Purchase DB (0x0e59D50adD2d90f5111aca875baE0a72D95B4762), dUSD (0x83f8Ae478cC016A32052B64037EF3386340ceD49) or rdUSD (0x9F001a9c830c6eD1e656A35163d3B029FffA5505).

Add DB-dUSD liquidity:

Add DB-rdUSD liquidity:

Stake DB-dUSD LP tokens at Dark.Build APP page:

Stake DB-rdUSD LP tokens at Dark.Build APP page:

Now head to DBmaster’s contract:

Copy and paste your wallet address to the view functions:

27. getstakedDB

29. getunstakedDB

Do a simple subtraction to see if your staked amount of DB is bigger than your unstaked amount of DB.

For the next 17 airdrops, this subtraction result must be greater or equal to 2000000000000000000 (2e18, 2 DB).

Head to:

and paste your address at ‘5. ifYouAreOnTheList’ to check if you are on the list for next airdrop.