Introducing Ladarken.


It is with great excitement that we are announcing the Dark.Build project is rebranding/morphing to Ladarken.
We will be consolidating our current ecosystem token ($DB, $rdUSD, and $dUSD) into a singular token: $LAD.

  • $DB will convert at 10:1 ratio. Every 10 $DB you hold will consolidate into 1 $LAD token.

There are a total of 3 bridges that must be utilized to successfully convert the current assets over to $LAD. These bridges may be utilized without slippage and will convert at the aforementioned ratio.

  • $rdUSD can be converted directly to $dUSD.

Existing and snapshotted genesis NFTs will be converted for functionality in the Ladarken ecosystem. More details about what snapshotted LP, Smith and Knight NFTs will be converted to will be revealed once new platform is live. We will keep it fair and sound!


Unique Cover Service will start on next Monday. We aim to cover at maximum 15% of impermanent loss or maximum 1000 rdUSD/dUSD per account, pertaining to the various $dUSD and $rdUSD pools. Please provide a valid set of data and tx proof of when you entered and exited the pools.

For example:

Head to and click Liquidity Pool Gains

In this example, DB/rdUSD pool had 5920.65 IL, thus 888.0975 USD to be covered via rdUSD or dUSD.

However the other pools; DB/mDEF and DB/USDC pool’s IL will not be compensated under the Cover Service.

In order to be eligible for this service, click ‘More Info’ on this page. And click ‘Transactions’.

Click on the link icon next to the block number, and show us the tx proofs.

If you meet these conditions, then you will be eligible for Cover Service.

This Cover Service will last for 30 days, starting on next Monday!


$LAD will have a maximum supply of 10,000 tokens. The ecosystem will not start with any stable or rebasing token, although additional tokens may be released in the future. We estimate somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 $LAD will be in circulation at the time of conversion, depending on spot price of $DB, which will directly influence the purchasing power of $dUSD and $rdUSD at that point in time.

In order to support the price of $LAD following conversion from the $DB ecosystem tokens, 10% of your tokens can be claimed on a daily basis, over a 10 day period of time. We will also begin a modest emission schedule for $LAD directly following conversion with liquidity farming.

Token Allocation:

70% token allotment will be distributed via initial conversion bridge and liquidity boosting events over 24 months

10% token allotment for the treasury.

10% token allotment for the team.

5% token allotment for insurance to platform/token users.

5% token allotment for a bug bounty.

The first product that we at Ladarken will launch is an aggregator DEX with limit order. Only holding $LAD or tiered license NFTs will be able to access the full features.


Pre-Launch event

We will be holding a pre-launch event prior to the release of $LAD. In order to participate, Stake and lock your $DB for 30 days to be snapshotted and granted with unique NFTs to be utilized in the aggregator DEX!
This is a limited time opportunity and will be an extremely valuable asset going forwards! Snapshot date is 25th of April.

The staking event will be live soon! Don’t miss it!

Reminder: $DB to $LAD conversion will happen during the Pre-Launch event, but you will also be able to unstake your $DB and earn the NFTs once the event is over. However at the new platform, you will have to burn $DB to obtain $LAD and burn/lock $LAD to obtain the NFTs.

Once you stake and lock your $DB, you will have to wait for 30 days to be able to unstake.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Thank you for supporting Dark.Build! See you again in Ladarken!