Mid week Bitcoin analysis and other news

Bitcoin, similarly to Ethereum has had a strong week so far, though it hasn’t exploded in price, it is still holding on to its gains relatively well.

Currently as of writing, Bitcoin is at the $34,842 mark. Previously today, Bitcoin jumped as high as $35,000 before dipping back down slightly.

Source: coingecko

Earlier in the week on Monday, Bitcoin tumbled significantly falling to below the $30,000 range, however the bulls rallied and pushed Bitcoin back over the psychological barrier with Bitcoin hitting its highest point yet today.

The price action of Bitcoin shows strong interest in the currency by investors and retail consumers. As we previously stated, most dips in Bitcoin’s price are just a form of “profit taking” with sellers almost immediately buying back into Bitcoin once the price has dipped slightly. The drop on Monday is indicative of this, showing that buyers has not lost faith in the currency long-term.

Previously back in December 2017 when Bitcoin hit its highest point of $22,000 it almost immediately fell in value before hitting a mere $6000 within a two-month time-frame. Though it could be argued that Bitcoin had not matured as a currency at that point in time, nor had it matured in the minds of the average investor and institutional investors. We at DARK would still recommend caution in buying Bitcoin for the moment. Since its price is at a height few could have predicted only a year ago.

Source: coingecko

However, the point that currently in 2021, Bitcoin has matured far more as a currency than back in 2017–2018.It is more well-known as an investment vehicle, it has a far wider audience across the world and it is far more well-received as a legitimate investment than 3 years ago. Bitcoin is even equated to Gold as similar in qualities.

Due to the weakness in the dollar, Bitcoin has gained in popularity with large wall street investment firms, many seeing the value in Bitcoin and taking large long-term positions in the currency.

We at DARK do see strength with Bitcoin for the moment, especially with Monday’s dip in price but swift recovery, it is obvious that the market still will move higher. Considering the current pandemic situation also pushing cryptocurrencies as a whole higher, we see stable growth with Bitcoin and to the same extent Ethereum as well.


The new landing page for the DARK.BUILD website has finally dropped. It is abetter organized and graphically cohesive starting point for everything Dark, where all of our resources are neatly presented and visually appealing, making it easier for anybody to dive in and to share it with their friends and communities. A special thanks from the whole community goes to @tradesmart for providing the web designer, as well as liaising with him through the whole process. And to @GISA for the amazing graphics and the key role he is having in this branding process. This is just a very simple beginning : the next couple of weeks will see major releases coming together, in rapidfire succession.

Additionally, the NFTs are now ready to be claimed by Smiths and Knights of DARK from the DARK.BUILD website. They will be claimed on MATIC which you can then transfer to your wallet on the Mainnet.

There will be further detailed information to how the NFTs can be used, released shortly.

Thanks again to our team here at DARK for the new updates and to our community for the continued support and loyalty you have shown us throughout this time.