SaS and LP staking guide for DB

Multi-tier staking

Dark Build opened doors to multi-tier staking, DB holders are now able to participate in Single-Asset-Staking (SaS) or liquidity pool LP token staking. This article provides a step by step walk-through to all the new exciting staking opportunities.

Click on the middle DARK symbol. Select STAKE tab to enter staking options available.

  1. . Single Asset Staking (SaS)

Single asset staking allows DB holders to stake their coins and receive a portion of fees deducted from each DB token transfer. Currently 1% of each transaction is deposited to darkHall (xDB) contract which is serving single asset staking. DarkHall provides a constant staking incentive to all DB holders in addition to wallet balancing, to be enabled in near future. There are no DB tokens reserved for darkHall as it is a fully autonomous self-sustaining staking contract getting funds from DB transfers. Once approved on the darkHall contract, DB holders can stake tokens and can see allocated rewards in real-time. Stakers can only unstake or compound rewards 24 hours after deposits. This time restriction is implemented to allow funding pool growth because it is entirely relying on a small portion of transfer fee and to prevent attacks from bots.

DarkHall(xDB) contract (0x6186BF44088cAB812C7eEdE1a7FdF14c7B4b4559)

Note: DarkHall issues xDB tokens to staking wallets when they stake DB tokens. These tokens can be transferred to other addresses but DarkHall contract only returns DB tokens when unstaking from the original wallet address.

2. LP Token Staking (LPS)

Liquidity pool token staking is available for DB/MATIC and DB/ETH pools on quickswap. Once your LP tokens are deposited in quickswap pools, LP tokens are automatically detected by dark app and staking options are available.

DB/MATIC pool (500 DB allocated for 60 day LP mining)

DB/ETH pool (500 DB allocated for 60 day LP mining)

3. Partnerships

Select PARTNERSHIPS tab to enter jointly launched collaborations, Dark has also extended staking platform to partner projects as well. Rebalance is now a Dark Build partner.

RBAL tokens need to be converted to mRBAL tokens first. Once tokens are deposited on quickswap pool, LP tokens are automatically detected by dark app and staking options are available.

DB/mRBAL pool (100K mRBAL allocated for 60 day LP mining)

And from here on out, you will be able to enjoy your rewards from LP staking!

Thanks to Syed Rizvi for creating this amazing guide!

And Avarter for grammar/spellcheck